About Us

Welcome to Calliope Cosmetics AB, where Swedish beauty values meet inspiration from the depths of ancient Greece.

CEO and Founder of Calliope Cosmetics, Filippos Moustakas aka Filip Ängelsson

My name is Filippos Moustakas, and I'm the founder of this passionate venture. Born and raised in the cradle of history, Greece, I embarked on a journey to Sweden at the age of 18, driven by a thirst for creativity and an insatiable desire to explore the intersection of art, design, and beauty.

Fueled by my studies in graphic design, fashion design, and finally culminating in a Master's degree in architecture, my fascination with the aesthetics of ancient Greek architecture and mythology grew into a fervent vision: to blend the timeless elegance of antiquity with the modern allure of cosmetics.

At 26, the idea of creating matte-moisturizing lipsticks that mirrored the essence of Greek artistry took root. But the road to realization was not easy. With unwavering determination and a quest for perfection, I dedicated two and a half years of relentless effort, pouring my heart, soul, and savings into developing an original formula that encapsulates the essence of Calliope Cosmetics.

Facing the challenge of finding a lab specializing in color cosmetics in Sweden, I returned to Greece, the birthplace of my heritage, to see my vision come to life. Every aspect, from conception to creation, has been meticulously crafted and tested by my own hands, ensuring the highest quality and integrity of our products.

Calliope, the name of my beloved grandmother and the embodiment of the Muses, minor Greek goddesses of arts and inspiration, stands as a beacon of creativity and empowerment. It is my dream to infuse each lipstick with the spirit of these goddesses, empowering every individual who wears our shades to feel confident, beautiful, and inspired.

Currently, we stand as a small, indie, luxury makeup brand, but our aspirations reach beyond. With the support of our valued patrons, my aim is to bring our production to Umeå, Sweden, where our roots are firmly planted.

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Every lipstick sold is not just a product; it’s a piece of my passion and dedication to bringing forth beauty, art, and ancient wisdom in a modern form.

Embrace your beauty. You are gorgeous!